When Help a Small Biz was inundated with requests from small business owners asking for help with their grant applications, Paulette Johnston stepped up.

Impending due dates for bushfire recovery grants meant that there was a time pressure in getting help for these small businesses who have been struggling to get back on their feet since the Black Summer bushfires.

Paulette, editor of Link Editing, saw a Help a Small Biz post calling for helpers and promptly got in contact to offer her services in proofreading and editing.

We matched her with Kay Saarinen who is the owner of Saarinen Organics, an organic skincare product line made from herbs on a small farm in Wyndham, New South Wales.

Kay’s farm received fire damage when the town was surrounded by the bushfires and forced to evacuate, losing their tourist trade for many months.

“We are so busy fixing our burnt farm that we are finding it hard to keep up with our paperwork”, Kay told us when she first signed up for Help a Small Biz.

With time being a luxury she didn’t have, Kay was extremely grateful to be connected with Paulette when she was in the middle of applying for two grants back in July.

With Paulette’s skills and experience, she was able to help Kay by proofreading her applications and suggesting edits so the reader could consume the information better.

Kay was extremely grateful for the help, saying “With the help of a copyeditor I have been able to put in for a major grant that I would not have been able to do on my own time”.

“Help a Small Biz has supported us so well through the aftermath of the fires, helped us stay focused on keeping our small business running,” Kay says.

Paulette was also very happy with the match and felt it was “very rewarding to know I am helping someone in need, and they are very appreciative”.

Are you a small business directly and indirectly impacted by the bushfires who needs help?

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Suitable businesses will then be paired with business “buddies’’ who will help address their needs so they can recommence trading and go on to thrive.